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2011 research shows that touching a soft toy alleviates the negative impacts of being socially excluded and increases pro-social behavior. *

Feeny babies were created to provide comfort and be transitional objects for people with substance abuse- and trust issues.

The range contains four different plush personalities, all crafted from high-quality soft mink plush. There's Weedy, Drunky, Cracky, and Cokey – each symbolizing various addictions. The stuffed animals are about 1ft tall, each with a zipped pouch at the back for storing essentials.

Feeny babies are controversial but necessary in a world where people need love and a place to feel safe. Each Feeny has a satisfying feel and offers calming benefits to users.

Feeny babies are:

• Unique, so that you’ll never have to be alone again. Choose your Feeny for marijuana-, alcohol-, crack- or self-harming addictions.
• Since they will be held close to the skin, Feeny babies are soft and non-irritating.
• They are also breathable and won't make you too warm when holding them.
• Each Feeny was exquisitely stitched for sturdiness and a long life.
• Squeeze a Feeny to relieve your stress. Use them as a nap - or a hug pillow – they won’t mind!
• Feeny babies can be spot-cleaned and are machine-washable.
• A Feeny is a perfect gift for friends who can’t always be together. Use them also as a unique birthday or Valentine's Day gift.
• Alternative uses: The range can also be used in therapy sessions for beginning therapists or seasoned professionals alike. Feenies can become a companion and an object that can give unconditional love. Give your clients the option to love one.

Hold a Feeny in your lap or sleep with them. Although anyone can use a Feeny, they are more geared toward adults, and we don't recommend giving them to children.

We also give back to the community! A percentage of all sales of Feeny Babies will go on to a fund to help people with addiction problems.

Do you need help? Contact us for a list of attorneys or rehab centers.